What Is Happening To Men Today? He's Longing For Something So Much More!

What is happening to men today? In a world of disconnection, uncertainty and fear, so many men are feeling like they are an island unto themselves. Many men are feeling like they are wearing so many masks that hide their wounds, their identity and the man they really are. It is creating a global crisis among men like never before.

No Matter A Man's Station In Life...There's A Greater Level Of Accountability He Desires

It's True! Regardless of your successes or challenges, there's a higher level of accountability and direction you desire. Whether it is in your relationship, dating, being a better dad or your health and level of self mastery, there's a part of you that knows you need to do and BE better. The real challenge is that men have very few resources available to help him through the grind and frustration when life gets in the way.

It's Time To Be Remarkable

This is why The RMP Inner Circle was created. To give men just like you the tools, resources, accountability and brotherhood to help you BE, DO and HAVE the Remarkable Life you desire. Especially when it comes to your relationships and dating. The amount of frustration, heart ache and loneliness many men are going through is alarming. We hear you, and we'll help you with the insights you need to help you amp up your authentic masculine power and becoming a champion to the women in your life and king to your queen.

The RMP Inner Circle Brotherhood

So why be part of the RMP Inner Circle? 

Because you know you want something more. Because you are tired of being a one man army in a war that is unwinnable on your own.

The odds are stacked against you! From male privilege and toxic masculinity to fighting for your kids or your own sanity and self worth. Men are in the crosshairs of pretty much every social justice warrior and cause in this crazy mixed-up world.

Sadly, so many men are unable to handle the stress, uncertainty and frustration he feels. All over the world, drug abuse, alcoholism, depression, porn addiction, rage and hopelessness is sky rocketing amongst are brothers. So much so that the suicide rates are off the charts!

This has to end! That's why it is so imperative that men have a sense of community, camaraderie and brotherhood to help him know and feel that he's not alone on the journey.

 With your RMP Inner Circle membership we'll provide you with the resources, tools and brotherhood you need to help you get there.

So What Do You Get With Your RMP Inner Circle Annual Membership?

You'll plug into a rapidly growing global network of like-mined men that are passionate about living their remarkable life.

  • Weekly Zoom Calls where you get the insights, accountability, and camaraderie that supports the man you are and the man you want to be.
  • Weekly Take-Aways - Lessons and real world tools to help you be the remarkable man you desire.
  • Weekly KPIs (Key Performance indicators) to track your progress.
  • Daily Planner Goals Sheets - Stay on track with what matters most
  • A powerful community of Brothers. Men who truly have your back!
  • On going support - You'll receive exclusive access to additional video lessons, tutorials and resources.

The RMP Inner Circle Membership is an investment in YOU! Not every man qualifies for being in the Inner Circle. Most men aren't ready to make themselves and their self mastery a priority. It has to be something you truly desire and are willing to commit to.

The RMP Inner Circle Annual Membership Is only $67 per month! 

 That's right! You get everything included for a low monthly investment of just $67!


Bonus #1 The Remarkable Man - Champions To Women, Heroes To Children And Brothers To Each Other

You'll get the groundbreaking book that started a movement. Your FREE PDF copy is instantly downloaded from the Member's Resources area.

Bonus #2 How To Create Your Remarkable Life E Book

This Ebook is the perfect companion to your RMP Inner Circle Membership. It is a practical work book that helps you identify and align with your values and boundaries. Plus, gives you the road map to powerfully create the Remarkable Man within.




2 Membership Options

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